Courtney Tiberio

Designing for engaging user experiences to help mission-driven brands increase positive impact.

Courtney Tiberio - UX designer, UI designer, web designer, digital project manager

About Me

It’s my business to understand the needs of end users, product owners, and management, and ensure that the product we are designing and building is meeting those needs. I work closely with developers and business owners to maintain the empathy stream and keep the project focused on realistic goals in an effective and efficient process.

I believe in environmental stewardship, social and economic justice, and cultivating relationships. I work both in the office and in my personal life to actualize these beliefs, and I work with clients who are aligned with these values.

My career as a web and graphic designer, turned UX designer and project manager, began when I started my freelance business in 2009 while earning a degree in Digital Media at A-B Tech in Asheville, NC.

I’m a member of The Citizens Climate Lobby and enjoy organic gardening, foraging, and exploring the mountains and waterways of Western North Carolina.

Learn more about me on LinkedIn and see my hobby blog Font & Flora.

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