LitNotice! Writing Opportunities Web App

LitNotice project - logo design, web app design, UX, UI

The Client:

LitNotice logo

LitNotice is a customizable reminder system for creative writers.

What I Did:

  • Logo and Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Project Management

Launch Date:

August, 2022

Visit Website:

The LitNotice concept was created by a writer for writers – to discover and keep up with writing submission opportunities. They wanted the platform to be a subscription service based on an extensive database of opportunities that allows users to subscribe to genres and opportunity types, receive weekly emails with new opportunities, and easily add deadline reminders to their digital calendars.

As a lean startup, LitNotice needed a logo and web style guide. After a short exploratory phase I produced a friendly, energetic logo that expresses a combination of traditional and contemporary elements. The logo set the tone for the brand identity, and I went on to create a Web Style Guide for color and typography palettes, illustrations, and graphical components. The brand came to life with a personable, approachable, and trustworthy vibe.

Customer flow through the informational, subscription, and customization processes required close attention to the user’s experience. Working with the developers, I leveraged the functionality of the tech stack, impactful calls to action, attractive and intuitive interfaces, and UX writing to create a compelling and intuitive customer journey. And finally, I designed a branded email template which dynamically pulls in the subscriber’s chosen opportunities and has quick links to add them to the calendar.


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