TEFLPros Digital Learning Platform and Online Certification

TEFLPros Digital Learning Platform and Online TEFL Certification

The Client:

TEFLPros logo

TEFLPros brings real value to an online TEFL education and Acreditat certification.

What I Did:

  • Designed and built the markteting website
  • Built out the digital curriculum and courses user flows
  • CRM integration with automated workflows

Launch Date:

Fall, 2017

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By combining high-quality instruction, full accreditation, and practical skill-building techniques with dozens of real-life classroom and instructional videos, TEFLPros brings real value to an online TEFL education.

I have worked with TEFLPros since 2017 to design their technical architecture, build out their digital curriculum and student user experience, design and develop their marketing website, and design their CRM integrations and automated workflows to reduce administrative needs while more effectively reaching their market.

Whitney, TEFLPros founder

TEFLPros’ curriculum started out as a single 120-hour digital course offering. Their marketing, including a free trial of the course, newsletter campaigns, and affiliate program, was largely handled by multiple third-party platforms. These platforms were not integrated, inhibiting a single database of contacts and automated marketing efforts for their various categories of contacts.

I recently worked with TEFLPros to bring the free trial into their proprietary website, consolidate all of their contacts into a cleanly organized CRM, and integrate that CRM deeply with a new affiliate program and student workflow.

Additionally, TEFLPros wanted to shift from an independent study model to one that included live training sessions each week. This would not only improve their student results, but would also increase their value in the marketplace. I helped them turn their ideas into a practical plan and then rebuilt the course to implement it in the curriculum. I continue to work with them to get feedback from students and administrators and refine the user experience.

The result of our collaboration increased the value of the program, reduced costly subscriptions to multiple marketing platforms, decreased administrative task load, and enabled targeted, automated campaigns for effective messaging and marketing.

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